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Fabulous Femme Fridays: Ladies Night at Doha Nightclub, Queens

friday ladies night
In the heart of Queens, NY, amidst the urban tapestry of Long Island City, lies a gem that has transformed Friday nights: the Doha Bar and Lounge. Here, every corner resonates with laughter, every drink tells a story, and every beat invites you to dance the night away. Unforgettable Friday Ladies Night at Doha Nightclub: ... Read more

Experience the Best Friday Nightlife Event in Queens, NY at Doha Bar Lounge

friday nightlife

The Best Friday Nightlife Event in Queens, NY If you’re thinking about the “best things to do on a Friday night,” look no further than Doha Bar Lounge, the ultimate “Friday nightclub” in “lounge Astoria Queens.” We’re at the heart of the “bar lounge Queens” scene, offering a fabulous “Friday night events near me” experience … Read more