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Friday Afterwork at Doha Bar Lounge

Friday Finesse: The Perfect Prelude to Your Weekend

Situated in the dynamic locales of Astoria and Long Island City, Doha Bar Lounge encapsulates the spirit of NYC’s buzzing Friday nightlife. As the work week concludes, there’s no place like Doha to kickstart your weekend.

Friday afterwork

Why Spend Your Friday Nights at Doha Bar Lounge?

  • Ambiance Like No Other: Experience electric sensations in an atmosphere designed to elevate your Friday mood.
  • Culinary Extravaganza: Our Friday Night Dinner Party showcases a diverse range of Latin fusion cuisine, setting the gastronomic tone for your weekend.
  • All Day Happy Hour: Yes, you heard that right! From doors opening at 4pm, we keep the happy vibes flowing throughout the night.
  • NYC’s Top DJs: Let the rhythms of the city’s best DJs transport you into the weekend.
  • Complimentary Admission: Your entrance to a fabulous Friday night is on us. Although we recommend reservations, we always welcome the spontaneous souls.


1. What time does the Friday Afterwork begin? Our doors swing open at 4pm, initiating the Friday festivities with our All Day Happy Hour.

2. How can I make a reservation for the Friday Night Dinner Party? You can call us at (347) 443-8355 to make a reservation. Walk-ins are also welcome.

3. Are there special offers for birthdays or other celebrations? Absolutely! Doha Bar Lounge is the ideal spot in Queens, NYC for all your celebrations. Just give us a heads up, and we’ll tailor-make an unforgettable experience for you.

4. What kind of music genres can I expect? Our line-up of NYC’s Top DJs brings a melange of music, ensuring the lounge always resonates with energetic vibes.

5. Is there a dress code? For information regarding dress code and other details, kindly contact us directly.

Doha Bar Lounge in Astoria, Queens, is more than just a place—it’s where stories unfold, memories are crafted, and the weekend begins. Whether you’re searching for the best Friday nightlife, a place to party, or a serene spot to dine, we cater to all. So, gear up for the finest Friday nights and let the magic of Doha Bar Lounge set the tone for your weekend!