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Thursday Night Football Party at Doha Bar Lounge in Queens, NY

Where to Watch Thursday Night Football
Imagine a place where the roar of football fans mingles with the laughter of birthday celebrations. Welcome to Doha Bar Lounge in Long Island City, Queens, where every Thursday night brings together the best of both worlds. Football lovers, gather around! Ever wondered where to watch Thursday night football in style? Doha Bar Lounge in ... Read more

Fabulous Femme Fridays: Ladies Night at Doha Nightclub, Queens

friday ladies night
In the heart of Queens, NY, amidst the urban tapestry of Long Island City, lies a gem that has transformed Friday nights: the Doha Bar and Lounge. Here, every corner resonates with laughter, every drink tells a story, and every beat invites you to dance the night away. Unforgettable Friday Ladies Night at Doha Nightclub: ... Read more

Celebrate Unforgettable Birthday Dinners & Parties at Doha Bar Lounge, Queens, NYC

Celebrate a Birthday
When the lights of the New York skyline blend with the radiant glow of birthday candles, Doha Bar Lounge in Long Island City emerges as the ultimate destination for birthday celebrations in Queens. Offering an enchanting mix of gourmet dining and lively ambiance, this is where birthday dreams come to life. Celebrate a Birthday Dinner ... Read more

Experience the Best Friday Nightlife Event in Queens, NY at Doha Bar Lounge

friday nightlife

The Best Friday Nightlife Event in Queens, NY If you’re thinking about the “best things to do on a Friday night,” look no further than Doha Bar Lounge, the ultimate “Friday nightclub” in “lounge Astoria Queens.” We’re at the heart of the “bar lounge Queens” scene, offering a fabulous “Friday night events near me” experience … Read more

Experience the Best Thursday Night Nightlife in Astoria, Queens

thursday night dinner astoria queens

Make Every Thursday Night a Celebration at Doha Bar Lounge! Your search for the perfect “Thursday nightclubs” ends here at Doha Bar Lounge. Join us each and every Thursday for an evening filled with fun, food, and festivities. Explore the electrifying “Thursday nightlife” and delight in our “Thursday night dinner special” in the heart of … Read more

Karaoke Wednesdays in Astoria, Queens: Unleash Your Star

Karaoke wednesdays

Immerse in the Ultimate Karaoke Wednesdays at Doha Bar Lounge Looking for “karaoke Wednesdays near me”? At Doha Bar Lounge, experience the best “karaoke Wednesday night near me.” Dive into the world of music and let your voice flow in one of the finest “karaoke clubs NYC.” Relish the Wednesday Food Special Indulge in delightful … Read more

Sunday Bottomless Brunch in Astoria, Queens: Unmatched and Unforgettable

astoria brunch

Savor the Best Bottomless Brunch NYC at Doha Bar Lounge in Astoria, Queens In the heart of Astoria, Queens, lies the iconic Doha Lounge, renowned for offering the “best bottomless brunch NYC.” If you’ve been hunting for the quintessential “bottomless brunch,” your quest ends at Doha Bar Lounge, the epitome of delightful brunch experiences. Relish … Read more

Experience Exquisite Saturday Night Dinner Party at Doha Bar Lounge, Queens, NY

saturday night dinner

Discover the Ultimate Saturday Night Party at Doha Bar Lounge in Queens, NY If you’re searching for the premier “restaurant bar in Long Island City,” your search ends at Doha Bar Lounge. Known for hosting the most extravagant Saturday events, we make every weekend a grand celebration with our Saturday night dinner party. The Premier … Read more