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Saturday and Sunday Boozy Brunch at Doha Bar Lounge

Experience the ultimate weekend indulgence with Boozy Brunch at Doha Bar Lounge every Saturday and Sunday. Elevate your brunch game in the heart of Long Island City.

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Weekends Just Got Brunchier!

Tucked away in the vibrant corners of Astoria and Long Island City, Doha Bar Lounge offers a brunch extravaganza that’s second to none in Queens, NYC. Unwind from your busy week with a brunch like no other, filled with culinary delights, bottomless drinks, and an ambiance that exudes sheer celebration.

Exclusive Bottomless Brunch Deal

For a pocket-friendly price of $49, treat yourself to:

  • Unlimited Libations: Choose from our refreshing Mimosas, delightful Frose, or classic Sangria and enjoy bottomless servings for a full 90 minutes.
  • A Gourmet Brunch Entree: Complement your drinks with a sumptuous brunch entrée from our exquisite menu.

Why Doha is Your Ultimate Weekend Brunch Destination?

  • A Culinary Odyssey: Dive into a brunch spread that’s both lavish and delightful, representing the best of what NYC has to offer.
  • Musical Euphoria: Our line-up of NYC’s Top DJs ensures that there’s never a dull moment, setting the perfect brunch mood.
  • Hassle-Free Entry: With no admission fee, just step right in! We do recommend reservations to ensure a seamless experience, but spontaneity is always welcome.


1. What are the brunch hours at Doha Bar Lounge? Our brunch commences from 12pm every Saturday and Sunday.

2. How can I make a brunch reservation? For brunch reservations or any other inquiries, reach out to us at (347) 443-8355.

3. Are there special offers for birthdays or other celebrations during brunch? Absolutely! At Doha Bar Lounge, we specialize in making occasions memorable. Whether it’s a brunch birthday party or any other celebration, let us know and we’ll ensure it’s unforgettable.

4. What is included in the $49 bottomless brunch deal? The deal includes unlimited Mimosas, Frose, or Sangria for a full 90 minutes and a selected brunch entree from our menu.

5. Is there a dress code for brunch? For information regarding dress code or any other specifics, please reach out to us.

At Doha Bar Lounge, we believe in redefining brunch. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning a brunch birthday in NYC, or simply looking to enjoy some of the best bottomless brunch options available, we have you covered. Come, savor the weekend with us and let the brunch festivities begin! ️