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Doha Bar Lounge: Long Island City’s Premier Dinner & Dancing Destination

Nestled in the heart of Long Island City, the Doha Bar Lounge emerges as a sanctuary for every party lover. This establishment harmoniously combines the inviting warmth of a dinner spot with the lively pulse of a dance club, promising a night of unforgettable memories.

The Best Fun Dinner and Dancing Spot in Queens, NYC

Doha Lounge isn’t just any regular bar in Long Island City. With each day of the week bringing a unique theme, there’s always a reason to join in the festivities:

  • Taco Tuesday: A culinary Mexican delight.
  • Karaoke Wednesdays: Your chance to shine on stage.
  • Thirsty Thursday: Let loose as the weekend approaches.
  • Afterwork Fridays: A seamless transition into weekend mode.
  • Saturday Vibes: Luxury, laughter, and loads of fun.
  • Sunday Brunch & Dinner Party: Unwind, dine, and enjoy.

Doha Lounge effortlessly transforms from an after work bar to the pinnacle of nightlife as the night progresses. With its electric atmosphere and fabulous drink specials, it’s the ideal place to shake off the stresses of the day.

A Week Full of Excitement at Doha Bar Lounge

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Celebrate in Style

For those special moments that deserve an extraordinary celebration, Doha offers bespoke packages. Birthdays, bachelorette parties, or corporate events – every occasion gets the royal treatment here. With top-notch cocktails, sumptuous food, and unparalleled service, Doha bar lounge sets itself apart from every other night club in Queens.

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What should I wear to Doha bar lounge?
Smart casual attire works best. While dark sneakers can work, the final decision always lies with our hostess.

Do I need a reservation?
While reservations are recommended for a smooth experience, especially on special nights, we also heartily welcome walk-ins.

What type of music can I expect?
We’ve got a versatile range including top 40, R&B, and the latest dance tracks ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re searching for a sophisticated dining experience or an unforgettable night out, Doha Bar Lounge is the ultimate destination in Queens. Don’t just hear about it; experience it!

Book now for an evening of gastronomic delights and rhythmic beats at Doha Bar Lounge.

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