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Come and Celebrate your Birthday with MTS Productions, Have an unforgettable time at one of our events The Place To Be….

Enjoy being the part of the premium guestlist of the best NYC nightlife events.

Whether it your birthday, graduation day or the bachelorette party that you want to celebrate, Mts production is a renowned name in organizing the high-quality parties and events in the best of NYC nightclubs Guestlist to let you enjoy your time in the NYC top events along with the taste of the much talked about  Nightlife entertainment.

Mts productions has the expertise in organizing the hottest and most fun events and parties exclusively designed for the individualized needs and occasions. We are renowned for our non-stop energy, detailed planning skills, and a wide network to give the clients best time of their lives in the NYC top events and the best of NYC nightclub.

What do we offer?

  • Specially designed parties complimented by the latest and trendy DJ’s mixing the new and trendsetting music.
  • We organize various tours, events, and special parties to let our clients experience NYC nightlife entertainment in the NYC top events.
  • One of our specialties is organizing the events and parties in the top NYC nightclub where you can watch the live performances in the lovely backdrops, enjoy the dancing, bottle services, and much more.
  • Mts also offers the Guest list services to enjoy the fun Nightclub and Lounge nightlife entertainment in the best events in New York City. There are a number of clubs that takes only the people on the guest lists and with our Guest list services; you can make sure to get on guest list for NYC Top Events around the city.

Features of our guest list services 

  • Choice of the selection of the nightclub you want to explore and enjoy
  • No extra charges for getting on our guestlist
  • Enjoy the best nightlife entertainment by just doing RSPV
  • Take your guests along to enjoy with you

Mts Guest list are:

  • Your chance to get into an exclusive party to enjoy the best nightlife entertainment
  • Ensures to get you into the best and top NYC events

Getting on our guest list can be an excellent way to experience the top NYC events and exclusive clubs to have the best time on your special days. We leverage our wide network of contacts in the industry to get you on our guest list at the most exclusive clubs in the NYC. Mts ensure that the clients have a premium experience at the top NYC events to enjoy the nightlife entertainment.

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