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Thursday Night Football Party at Doha Bar Lounge in Queens, NY

Where to Watch Thursday Night Football
Imagine a place where the roar of football fans mingles with the laughter of birthday celebrations. Welcome to Doha Bar Lounge in Long Island City, Queens, where every Thursday night brings together the best of both worlds. Football lovers, gather around! Ever wondered where to watch Thursday night football in style? Doha Bar Lounge in ... Read more

Best Thursday Night Party in Long Island City, NYC

thirsty thursday nyc

Doha Bar Lounge Presents: The Ultimate Thursday Night Party in Long Island City   Immerse yourself in a world where the vibrancy of Thursday night in New York City is at its zenith. Nestled in the heart of Long Island City, Queens, Doha Bar Lounge’s Afterwork Thursdays offers the quintessential Thursday escapade. Why Thursday Nights … Read more