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Rumba Lounge Queens: The Pinnacle of NYC’s Nightlife Experience

About Rumba Lounge

Once revered as Doha Nightclub, the Rumba Lounge in Long Island City has elevated its legacy to be Queens’ premier entertainment hub. Celebrate life’s milestones and immerse yourself in an unmatched party atmosphere at our Rumba Latina

Address: 38 34 31st Street, Long Island City, Queens, NY

Exclusive Bottle Packages: Unwind with our exclusive bottle deals – 2 premium bottles for $400, available throughout the night.

Electrifying Music Vibes: Feel the rhythm with LA MEGA DJ FLOW, DJ JUANO, DJ 3SIXTY, and other top artists. Join us as the doors swing open at 10 PM.

Dress Code: Make an entrance! For Gents: Showcase your style with a collared or fitted shirt. While sneakers get a nod, boots are a no-go. Ladies: Elevate the elegance but remember to ditch the sneakers.

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Celebrate in Style at Rumba Lounge: For unparalleled birthday packages, bottle deals, and event reservations, get in touch with MTS Productions.

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Q: What was Rumba Lounge’s previous identity? A: Rumba Lounge was formerly known as Doha Nightclub.

Q: What sets Rumba Lounge apart from other NYC venues? A: Beyond its vibrant history as Doha Nightclub, Rumba Lounge offers top-tier music, premium services, and an unforgettable ambiance perfect for all celebrations.

Q: What’s the guideline for entry? A: Guests should adhere to the prescribed dress code. We start welcoming patrons from 10 PM.

Q: Do I need reservations? A: While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended for a seamless experience.

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Birthday Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Corporate, Graduation, Going Away or Reunion Party