Pink Taco NYC

Pink Taco NYC – A Symphony of Flavor and Fiesta

Welcome to Pink Taco NYC, where New York’s bustling energy fuses with authentic Mexican charm. Located in the city’s spirited heart, Pink Taco stands as a beacon for genuine Mexican flavors, electrifying atmosphere, and nights filled with unbridled excitement.

Immerse in the Pink Taco Experience

With a perfect blend of traditional elements and modern flair, Pink Taco NYC offers an ambiance that’s both rustic and contemporary. Every corner tells a story, from the vibrant decor reflecting Mexican culture to the lively buzz that mirrors New York’s essence. Here, it’s not just about food; it’s about an experience. Dive into delectable tacos, sip on handcrafted cocktails, and let the rhythms of the city take over.

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Events to Remember

Pink Taco NYC isn’t just a dining venue; it’s an events hub. From dynamic DJ nights that resonate with NYC’s beats to themed fiestas that transport you to the heart of Mexico, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Each event, unique in its essence, promises consistent quality and an atmosphere that keeps the city talking.


Q: Where is Pink Taco NYC located? A: Pink Taco NYC is strategically located in the city’s dynamic hub at 7 Times Square, New York, NY 10036 .

Q: What kind of events can I expect at Pink Taco NYC? A: Pink Taco NYC hosts an array of events, including vibrant DJ nights, themed celebrations, Halloween Night Party, and more. Each event offers a unique blend of NYC’s energy and authentic Mexican vibes.

Q: Do I need to adhere to a specific dress code? A: Pink Taco NYC has a relaxed ambiance, but it’s recommended to check individual event details for any dress code guidelines.

Q: Can I make table reservations or book private events at Pink Taco NYC? A: Absolutely! Pink Taco NYC offers reservation services for tables and private event bookings. For inquiries, simply reach out to us.

Q: What kind of cuisine is Pink Taco NYC renowned for? A: Pink Taco NYC takes pride in its authentic Mexican offerings, boasting a menu filled with diverse tacos, appetizers, and signature dishes.