Discover Doha Bar Lounge: Your Premier Lounge in Long Island City

Indulge in the distinctive allure of Doha Bar Lounge, a pinnacle of entertainment and cuisine nestled in Long Island City, Queens. As your premier lounge in Long Island City, we deliver an immersive experience overflowing with vibrant events, an exceptional happy hour menu, delectable food, and alluring cocktails. Engage in the transformative moments as you traverse our diverse weekly events, ensuring each visit is a unique adventure in sensory delight.

Welcome to Doha Bar Lounge in Long Island City, Queens

Dive Into Our Exciting Weekly Events:


From Thursday’s tranquility at 5:00 PM to Sunday’s solace at 2:00 AM, revel in the vast stretches of enjoyment. Our weekend brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM is an invitation to indulgence.

Your After-Work Dinner Party at Doha Bar Lounge in Long Island City

After work, the quest for relaxation and unwinding in the vibrant heart of Astoria and Long Island City, Queens is paramount. Beyond just an after work bar, surrender to evenings at Doha Bar Lounge, promising a perfect slice of paradise on earth. Bask in the cool, dynamic settings accentuated with top 40 music, and a diverse and beautiful crowd in a spacious, inviting atmosphere.

As one of the newest entertainment venues in Long Island City, Queens NY, Doha Bar Lounge is swiftly emerging as an upscale bar lounge and extensive event space for private gatherings, thanks to MTS Productions. Elevating beyond a mere bar in Queens, the diversity, dynamism, and beauty offered create an enchanting world of melody and merriment, standing as a testament to our commitment to unparalleled entertainment and mouthwatering cuisine.

Our venue, capable of accommodating close to 170 guests, is perfect and readily available upon request for all personal, private, and corporate events. Relish the experience where every event is a unique masterpiece and every memory, a cherished treasure. Embark on this adventure of taste, sound, and delight, exclusively at Doha Bar Lounge, your destination of delight in the heart of Long Island City, Queens. Your journey of exceptional evenings filled with unforgettable moments begins here.

Book Your NYC Birthday Packages & Bottle Service with Us!

Booking your reservation with us is swift, simple, and always convenient. We offer an array of packages tailored for diverse budgets and party sizes. Each of our birthday party packages includes DJ shoutouts, confetti, and an optional glowing birthday cake. You’re welcome to bring your own balloons or make any other special requests to enhance your celebration.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional NYC birthday bottle service, ensuring every occasion, big or small, is a memorable one. From birthdays and bachelorette/bachelor parties to corporate events, graduations, reunions, and going-away parties, we host and book reservations for all.

Ensure to make your reservations in advance and aim to arrive on time to maximize your celebration experience at Doha Lounge. We’re dedicated to making every celebration unique and special, nestled in the heart of Queens at 38-34 31st Street, Long Island City, Queens.

Your grand celebration and unforgettable memories await. Immerse yourself in the exclusive, dynamic atmosphere of Doha Bar Lounge, where every event is a masterpiece of enjoyment and every memory is cherished.

Bottle Service at Doha Bar Lounge

Impeccable Bottle Service:

Enhance your celebration with our exceptional bottle service at Doha Bar Lounge. Opt for our Birthday or Stag/Bachelorette Package, each at $80, including champagne, confetti, host shoutouts, and a personalized flyer.

A Remarkable Venue for All Events

A spacious and sophisticated venue in Long Island City, Queens NY, Doha Bar Lounge stands out as an iconic night club en Queens. Host your birthdays, corporate gatherings, anniversaries, graduations, reunions, and more with us, promising an experience beyond the ordinary.

Dress Code: A Blend of Elegance and Comfort

Embrace elegance with comfort at Doha Bar Lounge in Queens. Our dress code encapsulates polished, well-fitting attire, ensuring you blend seamlessly into the ambiance of celebration and relaxation.

For Reservations

For quick and convenient reservations, book online now. Alternatively, feel free to reach us at 347.443.8355 or Embark on a journey of exceptional evenings filled with unforgettable moments at Doha Bar Lounge. Your adventure of a lifetime starts with a simple reservation. Let us make your nights extraordinary.