Cavali New York

Step into the Luxurious World of Cavali New York

Located at 36-21 Steinway St, Long Island City, New York, Cavali New York epitomizes luxury and elegance in the heart of one of NYC’s most vibrant neighborhoods. With an ambiance that radiates sophistication, it’s no wonder why Cavali is the top choice for the city’s elite.

A Mélange of Grand Celebrations

If there’s a place in Long Island City that knows how to celebrate in style, it’s Cavali New York. With grandeur as its middle name, Cavali hosts an array of extravagant events throughout the year. From the spine-chilling allure of Halloween Party to the grand feasts of Thanksgiving Eve, from the sparkle of New Years to bespoke events that cater to the discerning clientele – every moment at Cavali is an affair to remember.

Why Choose Cavali New York?

Beyond its stunning architecture and luxurious interiors, Cavali’s true essence lies in its experience. The venue boasts an audio-visual spectacle, tantalizing drink concoctions crafted by master mixologists, and events that set the benchmark in NYC nightlife. Long Island City hasn’t witnessed a blend of modernity, luxury, and vibrancy quite like this before.


1. Where is Cavali New York located? Cavali New York is nestled in the heart of Long Island City at 36-21 Steinway St, New York.

2. What kind of events does Cavali New York host? Cavali is renowned for its grand events, including Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, New Years, and a plethora of other bespoke gatherings tailored for its clientele.

3. How can I book or reserve for an event at Cavali Nightclub? Reservations and ticket bookings for events at Cavali New York check out the event listing below

4. Is there a dress code for events at Cavali New York? Each event at Cavali might have a specific dress code based on its theme. Always check the event details or contact Cavali directly for precise information.

5. Are parking facilities available near Cavali NYC? There are parking options in Long Island City. However, reaching out to Cavali beforehand about specific parking or valet services is recommended.

If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets entertainment, there’s no place quite like Cavali New York in Long Island City. Experience nights that you’ll reminisce for years to come.